Welcome to our MicroStructured™ Water Concept and Product Line.

As we are all being made aware of, water is becoming an integral part of our health maintenance program. Every doctor, practitioner, nutritionist, sports therapist recommends that at least 6~8 glasses of water per day if not 10~12 glasses per day be consumed. There should be no reluctance towards consuming water.

In the past, the criteria for identifying the "proper" type of water for consumption was generally limited to its taste, purity and the strength of the product media in their presentation of what an ideal water purification system was or what an ideal type of bottled water was. Little mention or knowledge was available to even the basic fact that water can be restructured and new properties introduced to it.

As was evident in various focus studies, that were conducted by our group, the various topics concerning water cluster size, the pH of the drinking water, the importance of the proper mineral content, the permeability and hydrating ability of the water, the ability of water to transport necessary nutrients to the cellular level, along with the critical need of the body for proper water hydration, were not variables that were readily known or thought of by the average lay person.

In our studies of electrolyzed water, we were taken to new areas of water science and knowledge, and for those of us who are interested in proper health maintenance, have had a first-time exposure to.

We have assembled this booklet to describe the importance of water and hydration, the merits of MicroStructured™ Water and its unique properties. We have assembled this data in a logical and informative manner so that an unbiased presentation of this water science could be made to our readers.

Please enjoy this material and contact us for any further questions you may have or if you are interested in purchasing a device that restructures tap water to introduce unique and beneficial properties to your water.

If there is nothing else that you have gained from reading this material other than the importance of proper hydration and the fact that there is water and then there is restructured water, we have accomplished a major objective through this booklet.

We sincerely appreciate the time that you are taking to study and evaluate the new category of water: MicroStructured™ water.

Water a source of life and wellness...

Water is a very essential element to life. There are many forms of good drinking water: tap water, spring water, mineral water, filtered water, distilled water, purified water along with a long listing of beverages that utilize water as its core ingredient.

Water and the human body...

At birth, our body is made up of 80% water. While awaiting birth, the fetus is surrounded with water. In an average 150 lb. man, there are 10-12 gallons of water in his body at any given time.

There are vital parts of our body that are highly dependent upon water and are made up of the following proportions of water:

  • Cells 85%
  • Kidney 83%
  • Heart 79%
  • Lungs 79%
  • Spleen 76%
  • Muscle 76%
  • Brain 75%
  • Intestine 75%
  • Skin 72%
  • Liver 68%
  • Bone 22%
  • Body Fat 10%
There are a number of vital functions which water performs for the human body...
  • Detoxification of the body.
  • Formation and excretion of sweat.
  • Adjustment to the body's temperature and in reducing body heat.
  • Lowering of toxin levels.
  • Aligning the blood pressure of the brain to keep it in sync with the blood pressure of the body organs.
  • Bringing alertness to the mind.
  • Playing a key role in metabolic reaction.
  • Allowing body fluids to flow effectively.
  • Slowing the aging process through proper hydration.
  • In blood, water transports glucose, oxygen and fat to working muscles and carries away metabolic by-products such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid.
  • During exercise, water absorbs heat from your muscles, dissipates it through sweat, and regulates body temperature. One pound of sweat loss represents about 275 calories of dissipated heat.
  • Saliva and gastric secretions help digest food.
  • Throughout the body, water lubricates joints and cushions organs and tissues.
The importance of proper hydration...

The replacement of lost water, through perspiration, internal hydration and excretion, is accomplished through the reintroduction of water, proper electrolytes and fluids into the body. The delay or absence in this replacement causes fatigue, aging and the onset of other adverse conditions. To prevent these conditions, it is important to consume the required amount of daily water.

When there is DEHYDRATION (shortage of water in the body), the following health adverse conditions may occur...
  • For 1% of dehydration, there is an increase to body temperature.
  • For 3% of dehydration, there is impaired performance.
  • For 5% of dehydration, a person suffers heat cramps, chills, nausea, clammy skin, rapid pulse, 20-30% decrease in endurance capacity.
  • For 6-10% of dehydration, there is gastrointestinal problems, heat exhaustion, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and fatigue.
  • For dehydration in excess of 10%, there is heat stroke, hallucinations, lack of sweat and urine, swollen tongue, high body temperature and an unsteady walk.
Today, there are many choices of good water to consume. The following is a glossary of the more common types of water that are available to the consumer.
  • Tap water

    Water that is available from the residential faucet that is generally delivered from a municipal water source, through a municipal piping system. This water originates from aquifers, lakes, streams, rainwater, dams and other sources of water.

    Tap water is generally rich in minerals, chlorinated, readily available and deemed safe for drinking by the municipality. The use of chlorination insures that the water is safe for consumption.
  • Mineral Water

    Water that is available, generally in bottled form, where the water has originated from a reliable mineralized water source that is rich in health-enhancing minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese and sodium.

    In order for water to be labeled as mineral water, it must have met government guidelines.
  • Distilled water

    Water that has been processed through a distillation system at high temperature, which turns the water into steam and in turn, is condensed to make purified water. The distillation process removes 99.9% of all sediments and minerals and leaves the water as basic water.

    Distilled water is a very pure form of water completely void of minerals, sediments and contaminants.
  • Filtered water through reverse osmosis...

    Water that has been processed through a reverse osmosis system which forces water at a high pressure through a membrane. As the water passes through the membrane, the process removes the majority of all sediments, minerals and contaminants found in the water. The reverse osmosis system removes 99.9% of matter found in water and leaves the resultant water in purified form.

    Reverse osmosis water is a very pure form of water completely void of minerals, sediments and contaminants.

  • Spring water...

    Water that is generally very high in dissolved minerals available from mountain springs. The best quality spring water is bluish in color.
Current thinking on drinking water...

As more and more information becomes available concerning the importance of water, there is a heightened awareness towards this subject. Currently the knowledge centers on its availability, safety and purity. As more information surrounding wellness is being made available, the importance of water to the overall well being of a person is also becoming better understood.

Although safety and purity is tantamount to the quality of the water we consume, we are introducing a third element that is unique in its properties but essential to the overall performance of water. The water that we are introducing to you today is MicroStructured™ Water a byproduct of the process of electrolysis.

What is MicroStructured™ Water?

Electrolyzed water is water that been restructured as a result of electrolysis. Using a patented process, electrolysis separates properties found in water and re-concentrates the positive and negative ions, which are found in normal tap water into clusters of alkalinity and acidity. The alkaline-concentrated water is consumed, while the acidic-concentrated water is an excellent astringent water and general cleaning water.

What are the components that allow electrolysis to occur?

There are three necessary components for electrolysis to be performed on tap water:
  • Tap water with a presence of alkaline minerals.
  • An electrolysis, water-restructuring system.
  • Electricity.
Concerning tap water with a presence of alkaline minerals...

Generally, tap water is measured with the use of a pH meter, which measures the presence of hydrogen in the water. Water in the United States typically falls in a pH range of 6.3 ~ 8.0. Looking at the standard pH chart, pH ranges from 0 ~ 6.9 is acidic, pH of 7.0 is neutral and a pH range of 7.1 ~ 14.0 is basic or alkaline in nature.

The electrolytes, or mineral elements that are found in water that conduct electricity, fall into the following classification.

Positive Electrolytes (M+)
  • Ca++ Calcium
  • Mg++ Magnesium
  • No++ Sodium
  • K+ Potassium
  • Fe++ Iron
  • Mn4 Manganese
Negative Electrolytes (X-)
  • CO3- Carbonic
  • Cl- Chlorine
  • SO4- Sulfuric
  • NO3- Nitric
Concerning an electrolysis, water restructuring system...

An electrolysis water restructuring system is typically a counter-top system that connects to the faucet in a kitchen or a bar. The unit is plugged into a wall outlet and is situated near a faucet. Through the use of a faucet diverter, which is included with the electrolysis system, the hoses that pass the tap water through the unit are attached to the tap water source.

The tap water is first filtered to reduce the chlorine and sediment levels by approximately 99% and any foul odor or taste that may be present in the tap water. The filtered water, with the alkaline and acidic electrolytes present, then flows through the electrolysis chamber where the tap water clusters are separated into alkaline and acidic concentrated water clusters. Once the electrolysis is performed, the two-separated water is delivered through the faucet diverter (alkaline, drinking water), and the secondary water (acidic, astringent water). In certain units, the alkaline water is delivered through a pipe.

The unique properties of MicroStructured™ Water processed through electrolysis...

As previously mentioned, MicroStructured™ Water is a new classification of water due to its unique properties that are rarely found in other types of drinking water. The process of electrolysis truly performs a restructuring to the original tap water instilling unique properties.

If we were to ask the typical question, "what is the most ideal water", the response should sound like this:

a. Water that is clean and safe for drinking.

b. Water that has enhanced properties that can contribute to one's overall wellness.

Earlier we mentioned that water performs a series of complex and vital functions for the body.

If we were to summarize the 5 critical functions of water, which would contribute to the overall wellness of a person, they should be the following:
  • Water that is clean and safe for drinking.
  • Water that is superior in hydration.
  • Water that possesses health-beneficial minerals.
  • Water that effectively transports minerals to a cellular and sub-cellular level.
  • Water, through its unique properties, that can collectively impact the overall well being of a person.
In response to the above-outlined characteristics of the ideal water, the following properties of MicroStructured™ Water are explained:
  • MicroStructured™ Water is produced from basic tap water that has been municipally chlorinated for its sterilization. The safety of the water has been established through the use of chlorine.

    In order to remove chlorine from the tap water, prior to its consumption, a granular activated charcoal filter is utilized. This filter reduces the chlorine level by approximately 99% and thereby minimizing any carcinogenic effects that chlorine may have.

    The granular-activated charcoal filter also reduces the level of sediments that may be present in tap water along with the removal of any odor or unpleasant taste that may be present in the tap water.

    Through the process of electrolysis, original tap water clusters that were made up of 11 ~ 1 3 water molecules have been restructured into smaller water clusters made up of 5~6 water molecules.

  • Through this restructuring process, the smaller water clusters have enhanced the hydrating ability of the tap water. Additionally, through the application of the electrical charge, coupled to the electro-chemical changes that have been made to the tap water, a more active and bio-available water has been created.

    The basic changes that have been made to the original tap water cluster have restructured the tap water into superior hydrating water.

  • Through the disassociation and re-concentration processes that have occurred through the electrolyzation process, the health-beneficial minerals that are classified as alkaline minerals have been segregated and provided in a more concentrated manner. These alkaline minerals are calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron and sodium.

  • When drinking water possessing alkaline minerals, which has been further enhanced with the removal of acidic minerals such as carbonic, chlorine, sulfuric and nitric, is available, the drinking water is considered to be an ideal, alkaline-type of drinking water.

  • The basic properties of alkalinity assist the body in buffering acidity, removing acidic buildup and further assisting the body in maintaining its narrow window of alkalinity of 7.2~7.4 phi with increased ease.

  • Due to the smaller-clustered effect of the MicroStructured™ Water, coupled to the activated water, it has become a water that can more effectively deliver the alkaline minerals to a cellular and sub--cellular level.

    The increased bio-availability of the minerals, through an enhanced delivery medium of MicroStructured™ Water, has provided a medium that effectively delivers minerals that are necessary for the cells and body tissue.

  • Through the process of electrolysis, the drinking water has been "reduced". This reduction of the tap water, has allowed the water to acquire the ability to trigger mechanisms within the body allowing for electrons to be donated.

    This ability to donate electrons allows the body to utilize this water as a mechanism to initiate antioxidant activity for minimizing free radical damage. When the body has an excess of free radicals, the body is placed in a compromised state as free radicals are given the opportunity to damage healthy cells. The damage occurs through free radicals removing electrons from healthy cells for their own survival.

    Since Microstructured™ Water is in possession of an increased supply of electrons, it assists in the body's control of free radical damage.
In summary, it is widely believed, that through the synergistic effects of the following enhanced properties of MicroStructured™ Water, a highly effective water is provided with its ability to contribute to the overall well being of an individual.

  • Through the daily consumption of 6~8 glasses of MicroStructured™ Water, coupled to its enhanced hydrating ability, all body components requiring water are provided with an improved opportunity of receiving the necessary water.
  • The concentration of health-beneficial, alkaline minerals, void of acidic properties, coupled to an improved bio-availability provides an improved environment in which these minerals are effectively delivered to a cellular and sub-cellular level.
  • The alkaline-concentrated water contributes to buffering acidity and assists in the removal of acidic waste.
  • The ability of MicroStructured™ Water to donate electrons provides an effective triggering mechanism, within the body, to minimize free radical damage.
  • Due to the slightly increased pH level of MicroStructured™ Water, an increased amount of hydrogen has been introduced to the water thereby allowing the body to assist in the replacement of lost hydrogen.

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